What is new in Laptops and Tablets for 2020

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  • 20-12-2020

What is new in Laptops and Tablets for 2020

From the very first computer weighing 50 tons to having devices that can fit into our pockets and performing way better with faster speed. Computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones have come a long way. Simple tasks like calculation, checking the weather forecast, ordering food, and even talking in real-time with people living seven seas away (literally), this technology is only surprising with the advancement

With the commencement of a new decade, the world demands more power in technology and the dependency is only increasing. To meet the demands of the people, companies are coming up with finer technology. Read on to know the significant upgrades.

Thin and light (Not fat-shaming):

Gone are the days when computers came with several hardware devices like; mouse, keyboard, CPU, etc making it almost impossible to be portable. With the invention of laptops, it became easier to carry around, yet heavy and big.

From Intel bringing Ultrabook to the market, the urge to produce thinner and lighter laptops became all a rage. Leading companies like HP, Asus, Intel and Dell among others, are producing sleeker laptops that are lighter, and making it easier to pick up and carry around. Even Gaming laptops are much thinner now. But, the demand doesn't end there.  Apple's iPad now running Adobe Photoshop, only creating tough competition in the market. Using Photoshop on a tablet will increase accuracy as brush strokes and outlines can be more in control. It is making Photoshop like a canvas, turning images to stand out more. This technology is just becoming more and more powerful.

Easy to use technology:

People moving at lightning speed, call for devices that are simpler, faster and flexible to work with. The speed, scale, and convenience that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to offer are commendable. Massive data can be analyzed at a better speed when compared to the human data analyst, through AI. Hence, investing in a device that is AI-enabled is the need of the hour.

Big year for blockchain technology:

Most popularly known for being used in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is a very unique technology, now slowly moving to food safety, real estate, and intellectual property. Blockchain technology works in such a way that it cannot alter the history of data. The data once entered cannot be changed easily, as changes require network-wide approval and private keys control. The data is encrypted, making it very safe and accurate. Blockchain technology is creating a secure place for supply traceability.   

Companies like Nestlé, Unilever, and Walmart have implemented blockchain technology.

Upgrades in technology essentially in AI, machine learning and blockchain are praiseworthy. But there are a lot of changes that we will witness in the coming decade when it comes to technology. The companies are not only paying attention to high speed, but they are equally aware that how important accuracy is to people and they are working on it. Hence, technology will be a lot more engaging and precise. What more can we ask for!

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